Gnubble in der Dose

Haltefix „Gnubbel“ – universal helper

Haltefix “Gnubbel” by mr. flint – you have been waiting for this innovative helper! Ingenious and easy to use, the “Gnubbel” has a fascinating variety of uses. Thanks to the innovative concept, the “Gnubbel” is applicable in many everyday situations, in therapy and rehabilitation.

The “Gnubbel” helps you to get in and out of the bathtub and the car by fixing your walking aid close at hand. He holds the towel, the walking stick, the mobile phone, a lamp, tools and much more. You can variably clamp the retaining fix on the edge of the table and all other horizontal and vertical edges, on chairs and shelves, pipes, car doors, on the rollator and / or the wheelchair. The “Gnubbel” organizes cables, hoses and Bowden cables.

A Haltefix for all cases

The “Gnubbel” of mr. flint helps to increase independence and quality of life. With such a clever helper at your side, the need to rely on other people in everyday life decreases.

For people with reduced mobility, Haltefix is a real help, which makes everyday tasks such as shopping, washing, feeding, opening a bottle, putting on and taking off, etc. much easier. Attached to the bedside, Haltefix helps prevent tangling tangles of cables by keeping them together.

Decide now for more independence and comfort thanks to the individually usable holder Haltefix “Gnubbel”!

Haltefix: In the beginning was the idea

The Haltefix “Gnubbel” provides as a universal holder valuable help for disabled people, v.a. for restricted use, as it can be perfectly used as a holder for walking aids. But also for sick, impaired in their physical well-being and older persons Haltefix represents a practical everyday help.

Because with Haltefix you have your hands free when working, he connects the walking sticks, fixed the walking aids to the edge of the table or the tongs on the rollator. This gives you extra support on the wheelchair or rollator for the bag when shopping, for the flashlight or for the phone.

Holdfix jams, holds and sorts. Ingeniously simple in function and design has our “Gnubbel” over 5 years guarantee.



  • Attach or pin on personal care products in the bathroom and toilet area.
  • Open tightly screwed bottles with ease.
  • Hold and / or secure any kind of aid on the care bed and its surroundings.
  • Therapeutic effect through finger and hand exercises.
  • Protects children from pinched fingers and you from unwanted housing exclusion.
  • Fix utensils and tools of daily use in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, – living, storage and hobby area.
  • Fix your walking aids close to your fingertips – individually or in pairs – on horizontal and vertical edges, tubes, table tops, chairs, shelves, car doors, rollators, wheelchairs, etc.

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